What are the different design services available?

From designing your company’s logo to its brand identity comprising of different visual elements, posters, website, mobile app and everything which will make people recognise your company even without the presence of its name.

How much do you charge?

Our quotation is based on your project, what are your requirement, by when you need them and related things. Get in touch to have an idea of expected charges.

How much time will it take ? Can you do our work on urgent basis ?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your awesome logo/brand/website/app. A project can take a few weeks to few months based on your requirements and effective communication among stakeholders of the project.

What exactly you do?

Your project is unique and so will be the approach to handle your project. Simply put, together we set a brief of what your requirements are. Then our team do the required research on your business & your competitors, based on which ideas are developed and worked upon. The designs are then presented and refined. Not every project follows the exact same path but the ultimate goal is to satisfy needs of your business in most creative and impactful manner.

What’s our role?

To get the best output, we discuss together where we want to take your business with this work & you enlighten us more about your work. Then we let you relax and sit back as it is us whom you have hired to do the work, design work. During the process, we get back to you for your feedback to make sure we are in line with our set goals and thus streamlining whole design process to give you perfect results in optimum time.

For anything else

Get in touch for any clarifications, questions, quotation. We are happy to hear you out.