Wedding Invitation

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“The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen” 
We invite you to grace the miracle happening in our life in the Spring of 19.

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Day 1 | 2nd March
Mehendi : 10 am
Kumauni Sangeet : 2 pm
Performances & Engagement : 6 pm

Day 2 | 3rd March
Baraat followed by Reception : 8 pm
Fere : 12 am Onwards

20181121_Title Bars Story

And thus began an eight year long pre-wedding photoshoot…

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Year 2011: Day-Night, Rain-Shine, Uttarakhand- Madhya Pradesh, Abhishek- Shivani, all so different yet completes each another.

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Year 2012: He could crack jokes on anything and to compliment, she could laugh at anything. With his every new One-liners, the two sole merged into a soul.

OUR3_The Farewell copy s

Year 2013: Be it seniors our your own, farewell teaches one to celebrate every moment of life even while saying good bye for semester breaks, internships and what not.

OUR4_The Graduates copy s

Year 2014: “Architecture karlo, bohot scope hai”. And so they did, unaware of the mysterious future awaiting them.

OUR5_LDR ERA copy s

Year 2015: He marched to field and she pursued post graduation. Thoda inhone zindagi ke maje liye, thoda zindagi ne inke!

OUR6_Fateful Two copy s

Year 2016: A wish here and a wish there, life flipped. She marched to field and he pursued post graduation, but fate landed them both in Delhi- NCR.

OUR7_The Employed copy s

Year 2017: What feels better than two people in love? Two people in love who have jobs! For the first time ever they could see a silver lining in dark cloud.

OUR8_The Ultimatum copy s

Year 2018: Ahem Ahem. With every passing day & new profiles adding in their parents list, it was high time to let the cat out of the bag.

OUR9_They Do copy Dummy

Year 2019: With their families in, join Abhishek and Shivani in their journey to a new series of married life. Eagerly waiting for your blessings on 2nd  & 3rd March, 2019.

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