Convert Cad Single Line to Double Line in One Click in Photoshop

Sometimes we need a quick solution/JUGAAD to save time like converting cad single line to double line. In such times this trick will surely be a life saver.
Step 1: AutoCAD drawing settings.
First things first. It’s really important to have proper line-weights to get best results. Make different layers for Furniture, Walls (which will cut in plan), Parapet walls (which wont cut in plan). Refer image below and make changes accordingly to your plot scale.

Step 2: Importing file to Photoshop.
Skip to step 3, if you know this. If you plotted a PDF, drag drop document in photoshop. Since, such drag drop files are placed as Smart object at times, you might need to “Rasterize” them (Right click on layer). Clean up extra material if you want (i mean, the education stamp, sorry Autodesk 😐 ).
Double Line Coversion 1

Step 3: The Magic Filter.
Once the stage is set, select the desired layer. Then from menu bar, select Filter>Stylize>Find Edges. And voila, you are done!Double Line Coversion 2

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