Rendering Photorealistic Interior Views in Photoshop

Rendering is never enough, every professional retouches them in photoshop. Add life to your renders with these simple and easy steps in tutorial of interior views in photoshop.

Fact 1: No render looks good if proper detailing is not done in 3D software used.
Fact 2: Photoshop helps in making good renders by 3D software look amazing.
If you have done proper detailing and rendered but still want more from it, here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Levels.
Import rendered image from Sketchup or other 3D Render software. Place on Photoshop. With levels, we try to get good light and contrast in our rendered image. Select LEVELS from Adjustments. Play with sliders to change intensity of lights and shadows. You will positively end with better image than original.
Interior view 1 levels

Step 2: Picture Frames.
Download images of picture frames from internet. I prefer online shopping websites, it gives a lot of variety 🙂 Prefer images with white background, they are easier to edit. Now Drag drop downloaded image. Rasterize it by options upon right click. Select Magic Wand(W) and increase the Tolerance a little bit so that only whites are selected. Clicking three four times will select all white. Now hit DELETE and Deselect(Ctrl+D). We Transform(Ctrl+T) the image to fit it into the perspective our rendered image. To give all the frame a 3D effect, double click on layer to give it a BEVEL & EMBOSS layer style. Keep size and soften to minimum. See source of light in rendered image and accordingly change the Shading Angle. Tadaa, we added a good 3D picture frame in blank wall. Save (Ctrl+S)
Interior view 2 frames

Step 3: Ceiling Hangings.
The process is same as done above. Downloading images form online shopping stores, Drag drop image, Rasterize, Magic Wand selection, Delete & Deselect. Finally resize to make it in scale with respect to other objects and move it to suitable position.Interior view 3 hanging

Check next page for Step 4-6

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