Rendering Photorealistic Interior Views in Photoshop

Step 4: Adding People.
Again my favourites are online shopping websites to download human cutouts. They give front pose, side pose & back pose too. In all colors, in all dresses :). Download images with white background. Again Drag drop image, Rasterize, Magic Wand selection, Delete & Deselect. Then resize to make it in scale with respect to other objects and move it to suitable position. But the girl is too bright for in comparison to surroundings, control this by Brightness/Contrast from Adjustments. Move brightness and contrast sliders to make image more suitable for surrounding.
Interior view 4 human

For steps below, you must know MASKING, click here to learn about it.

Step 5: Adding Exterior Views.
Drag drop any landscape image. Hide it temporarily. Select original render image. Select the windows from where outside surroundings will be visible with help of selection tools. Unhide landscape image and apply mask to it. Finally reduce its opacity to give distant object effect. Save (Ctrl+S)
Interior view 5 window sky

Step 6: X-factor.
Select all layer,duplicate them and Merge(Ctrl+E) the duplicated into single layer. Set foreground color to black and background color to white. Add Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow. You wont need graininess, adjust glow and clear amount. Now change the opacity of this layer to give the X-factor to your hard work!!Interior view 6 X-factor

Congratulations for the amazing render you just created !!!interior social

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