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Finish Line

WP_SAFARI copy sSquad Safari: A bunch of girls stepped out from their cozy homes to a new place in search of name and fame, all landing in same place.

WP_Four copy sFantastic Four: Friends come and go, some stay there long and then there were these four who believed in each other, more than themselves and motivated to achieve what they desire.

WP_GOODVIBES copy sGood Vibes: With all the joy, laughter, calmness and so much inspiration around, she realize that it was time for soul pairing -a feeling beyond imagination.

WP_TOURIST copy sThe Tourist: Jobs fill one’s pocket, but adventures fill one’s soul. And in such adventures, the protagonist realise the significance of his soulmate to complete his soul.

WP_LIKE FATHER copy sLike Father Like Son: A dad trusts his son to take an important step in his life, a Son contemplates his each step to bring joy to their life.

WP_Gentlemen copy sSpecial 10:  A job brings happiness to one’s life. A good job brings happiness to whole family. With a prestigious government job in hand, the protagonist moves ahead to meet “The Parents”.

WP_Bhopal Diaries Copy sBhopal Dairies: A family that had beautifully grown together with smiles in high’s and lows,  is now all set to welcome a new family in their lives with their hearts wide open.

WP_SIBLINGS copy sSibling Adventures: The two sisters play a vital role in uniting the two states, cultures and families. After going through all the bashing by parents, will they be rewarded ?

WP_LADIES copy sLadies Club: Who knew that the 2 generations and 2 families would mingle so well, create magic and making sure that everything goes picture perfect.

WP_OFFICE Port copy sOffice Gossip:  While the whole world around them was busy with meetings & clients, they were occupied with their families first meeting, preparations and all the wedding drama of Abhivani.

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Finish Line