Top 10 Error Messages, Mistakes & Warnings in Photoshop

Not just beginners, but we all face these stupid frustrating errors and mistakes. Here’s a list of top 10 error messages, mistakes & warnings in photoshop and their solutions.

1. Could not complete your request because the layer is locked.

Simply click the lock icon on top of layer window.common error messages 1

2. Could not use the brush tool because the target layer is hidden.

Many menu option won’t work (greyed out), tools won’t work if layer is hidden. Click blank box left to specific layer icon to reveal EYE.common error messages 2

3.Text not visible or layer contents not visible.

Many times the layer on which we are working, is below some layer which covers our  work. Simply drag the layer above the dominating layer (or to top) to reveal it. Also many times our text gets moved out of working area. Try locating it first ( CTRL+T will make work easier) and then reposition it to working area.common error messages 3

4. Brush cursor changed, eraser cursor changed, crosshair visible instead of circle or shape.

Pressing Caps Lock key solves the problem.common error messages 4

5. Could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable.

Trying to delete selection from a place image? You might be seeing layer icon with blue patch. Right click on layer icon, select Rasterize. You are ready to edit work now.common error messages 5

6. Error Messages: Could not make a new layer from the selection because the selected area is empty.

Trying to copy something?? This happens when unknowingly we select wrong layer (Because our eyes says we are correct). Either, your whole layer is empty (it may be a new blank layer) or the portion you made a selection, is empty. So try the correct layer which is usually below this wrong layer or try selecting the filled area.common error messages 6

7. Warning : No pixels are more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible.

You chose right selection tool, right layer,still error?? Well, reduce the Feather to a lower value if feather required or set it to 0. Done.common error messages 7

8. Red Red everywhere !!!

Beginners seldom use mask. So if you see red screen and your tools behave differently (like in example, Text is white even when set to Black) and layer selected changes from blue to grey, it means QUICK MASK is on. Press Q ,to set it off.common error messages 8

9. Layer Styles Settings not visible

For a long time I could not find out why sometimes I could see settings and sometimes couldn’t find them for changes. By only Ticking the style, you can achieve effect, but for settings to show up, you need to click the text box too, next to tick box.common error messages 9

10. Brush, Eraser, Tools not working properly.

Give a look at tool settings on top, any change in them will make your tool work in different manner. Moreover, also have a look at settings in layer window, any change is blending option, opacity, fill may change the result of tool you are using.

Bonus Saver Tip, sometimes you will find crappy pop colors in your images even when you did not expect them, the reason could be image mode changed to CMYK (this happen usually be unknowingly pressing CTRL+Y). Press again CTRL+Y, and you can see your expected colors.

If you are still stuck at something. Then close photoshop, shutdown computer. Take a break, have a tea or coffee, chit-chat with family or friend. Then start again, things might work well 🙂

Please give your comments (compliments will work too 😉 ) and share these tutorials as much as you can, we expect nothing else in return. Thank you!

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